Profile picture of Nicholas DavisI’m an Australian strategy professional and scenario ‘expert’ (I’m always looking for a better word), focused on the links between the private sector, non-profits and public policy in economic development, stakeholder management, organizational performance and risk management. I have 10 years (and counting) experience in managing a variety of projects related to understanding macro-level environmental factors and developing appropriate strategic responses. Thanks to some highly supportive colleagues and friends over the years, I’m also an author of journal articles, reports and other publications on foreign investment, regional development, industry-level strategic analysis and scenarios.

My goal is to continue to develop a concurrent expertise in future-oriented macro-economics and organizational strategy for firms, the non-profit sector and public/international institutions; however it seems that interesting opportunities to think about uncertainty, risk and the future abound everywhere around the world, so I’m trying to be prepared for many possible twists and turns in life.

I’m currently working for the World Economic Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, where for the past six years I have focused on catalysing responses to global and regional challenges through the medium of scenarios. I love my job, so to avoid any confusion let me clearly state that the postings on this site are entirely my own and do not represent the World Economic Forum’s views or opinions.

You can see some of my recent work on the World Economic Forum’s website, a more detailed profile on linkedin, and you can subscribe to my blog by clicking here.

This blog is a repository of open ideas, thoughts about decision-making, biases, systemic issues, the scenario methodology and hopefully some interesting links. Due to the fact that I work in the area of risks and scenarios, there may be a slight emphasis on recent events such as the causes, impacts and reflections of the global financial crisis, social and political change in the Middle East and Asia and so forth.

My greatest fear is that my desire (if not ability) to weave imaginative stories about important issues will mean that I’ll become one who obfuscates rather than enlightens… or amuses… or at least asks semi-intelligent questions. One of the ways I can continually demonstrate, test and prove my ignorance is through this blog. So please do let me know when I’m being stupid or long-winded, and please leave comments, feedback and recommend other blogs or sites you think might complement this one.

Finally, if you’d like to contact me, please email me at nicholas.davis (at) weforum.org. I very happy to talk about my work and often speak at relevant conferences and events about scenarios, global risks and the other things covered in this blog.



  1. hey your job at the WEF sounds cool. One of my pet hobbies is dead capital, the $9 trillion problem in the developing world. I have a project that is at the concept stage called property wiki. Are you familiar with dead capital?

    • Hey Nick,

      Apologies for the delay in responding. I’ve heard of dead capital (in the sense of assets that, due to lack of institutions or extralegality, are unable to be fully employed) but haven’t spent any time looking at it. Would be great to chat and hear about your project!


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