Posted by: Nicholas Davis | January 14, 2011

Global Risks 2011 Launched!

Cover of Global Risks 2011, Sixth EditionThe Forum’s sixth and most recent edition of its annual report on global risks, Global Risks 2011, was launched on Wednesday morning in London (watch the press conference here). A big moment!

I co-edited this year’s report along with my colleague Kristel Van der Elset, (the Director and head of our team), and the whole team put in a remarkable effort to make this year’s edition a great success (thanks everyone!). You can download the report, browse it online and view a whole raft of interactive elements relating to global risks at our website:

We worked hard to set this year’s report apart from earlier editions through a few innovations. First, we greatly expanded the pool of respondents for the Global Risks Survey on which much of the initial analysis is based, meaning we had the benefit of almost 600 global experts on risk and allowing us to examine the data with more granularity than previously possible. Second, we used an array of statistical tools and systems thinking techniques to analyze clusters of risks in depth, producing systems diagrams to make sense of the interconnections between risks. Third, we put together a package of supporting web tools that mean that visitors to the website can explore the data in an interactive way, supported by guided narrative and animated videos. Finally, my colleague Chiemi Hayashi and I put together a completely revised “risk barometer” that gives even more detail on a risk-by-risk basis.

I really hope you enjoy the report – would welcome your comments!

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