Posted by: Nicholas Davis | August 11, 2009

Back to School?!

Said Business School

It’s official: in October I’m going to be heading back to Oxford for a spell of PhD-ing (or DPhil-ing, as they call it there). My plan is to link scenarios, uncertainty and complexity in a fiendishly clever way using very convincing research, but first I face a series of courses in research methods to convince the business school that I am a fit social scientist.

I’m actually quite excited about being trained in this way (I have this crazy idea that it might be both interesting and useful outside of academia), but at the same time I realize that the next year is going to be a hectic one. Hence my decision last night to review study methods so that I’m efficient as possible in juggling the various spheres of work, study and skiing.

The result was the discovery of the stealth studying method, which looks promising. Based on the quiz-and-recall strategy of reviewing material, the idea is to gather the “big ideas” of each encounter with material (a lecture, book etc), consolidate key questions and answers around the ideas immediately into portable notes, then fit a few 10-min “detours” each day during which you read and recite (lecture style) the material.

I guess as a graduate student you’re meant to be a little weird…

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