Posted by: Nicholas Davis | May 14, 2009

Robustification and Regulation on the circuit

I’m on both sides of the conference world over the next 5 days: first, designing sessions for a meeting at the Dead Sea, Jordan; second, speaking and moderating at the Future Summit in Melbourne.

As expected, in both meetings I’m heavily focused on strategies for improving the robustness of the global financial system, although from slightly different angles in each city.

Tomorrow night, the focus is on exploring opportunities for systemic risk reduction from the perspective of relationships between financial actors. On Tuesday, I’m on a panel looking at the regulation pendulum in the context of Australia’s policy outlook. I hope that both sessions will be an opportunity to evaluate underlying assumptions about economic stability as well as discuss the more tactical side of regulatory improvement.

If I get the chance, I’ll post some notes for the panel on Tuesday. In the meantime, some interesting links:

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