Posted by: Nicholas Davis | April 20, 2009

Unread books

Thanks to recent holidays, work commitments and making the most of the last few glorious days of the ski season up at Leysin, I’ve given everyone a short holiday from blog updates for the last 10 days.

Unfortunately, stopping posting also seems to slow the rate at which I have been getting through the pile of unread books that continue to accumulate beside the bed. Something to do with the incentive of recording my impressions or the key ideas in a single spot and receiving feedback from you, I believe.

Accordingly, it’s time I found time to get back to both the reading pile and posting. So, in the spirit of Umberto Eco and NNT, here is a sample of the unread books which (thanks to speed reading and this blog) will hopefully change status over the next few weeks:

  • Throwing Sheep in the Boardroom – Soumitra Dutta & Matthew Fraser (great, half-read)
  • Corpocracy – Bob Monks (started)
  • The Camel Bookmobile – Masha Hamilton (thanks mum!)
  • Animal Spirits – George Ackerlof and Bob Shiller (started)
  • Panic – Michael Lewis (half-read)
  • House of Cards – William Cohan (thanks Frosts!)
  • Geekspeak – Graham Tattersall (dipped into it, might stop)
  • Colossus – Niall Ferguson
  • The World Without Us – Alan Weisman (started – fascinating)
  • The Left Hand of Darkness – Ursula Le Guin (classic)
  • The American Future: A History (Simon Schama)
  • Empire – Niall Ferguson (I went a bit Niall-nuts after Davos)
  • A Choice of Enemies – Lawrence Freedman
  • Orientalism – Edward Said
  • Street Without a Name – Kapka Kassabova
  • The Paradox of Choice – Barrz Schwartz
  • Our Final Century – Martin Rees

… just to get the week started. Any suggestions as to which to focus on first? Any additions? Happy Monday, all.

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