Posted by: Nicholas Davis | March 29, 2009

Readings 29/3/09

  • The blame game looks further back in time – now it’s Reagan in the dock (naked capitalism)
  • The Fed’s new balance sheet (Econbrowser)
  • Does Size Matter? – another good set of arguments in favour of limiting the size of financial institutions (The Baseline Scenario)
  • Uh-oh – Roubini says the Geithner plan won’t stop nationalizations (RGEMonitor)
  • Paul Krugman as Obama’s Bete Noire – another economist outside the tent criticises the administration, ironically just after commenting on “the cover effect(Infectious Greed)
  • Jeff Sachs also against the latest Geithner plan – Obama clearly needs a third economic council body to bring the Sachs/Stiglitz crowd onto side! (FT)

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