Posted by: Nicholas Davis | March 27, 2009

Readings 27/3/09

  • US backing for world currency stuns markets – I’m stunned too!! (Telegraph)
  • Greg Mankiw supports me on the bonus v bailout issue (although I probably inadvertently stole his point as I remember seeing this post earlier (Greg Mankiw)
  • Now Is No Time to Give Up on Markets – Some Nobel Laureate finger-pointing (WSJ) via My Finance Times
  • Framing and reframing, part 2: emotional connections – interesting stuff related to some earlier posts (Foresight Culture)
  • Caution urged as value of toxic assets fails to rally – Why aren’t prices rising already? (FT) via Abnormal Returns and The New Republic
  • When Stars Twitter, a Ghost May Be Lurking – I totally need a ghost-twitterer (NYT) via Abnormal Returns
  • The Quiet Coup or What the IMF would tell the United States if it could – fascinating (but long!) article about the dangers of the US’s “financial oligarchs” (The Atlantic) via the The Baseline Scenario


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