Posted by: Nicholas Davis | March 16, 2009

Readings 16/3/09

  • G20 Finance Ministers’ and Central Bank Governors’ statement – no call for stimulus, a focus on bad bank assets (G20)
  • More on the second derivative of recession – CR v Roubini, for and against optimism (Calculated Risk)
  • Graphing the recovery – what will it look like? (or, but seriously, are we at the bottom yet?) (Econbrowser)
  • Brad DeLong’s contrarian advice – buy stocks when Bill Gross (of Dow 36,000 fame) says sell (Brad DeLong)
  • Save journalism, not newspapers (Clay Shirky)
  • Nice editing on David Letterman – Kindler meets with Krugman, Bartiromo etc (CR)
  • Go crazy clicking – Best of Show Awards at SXSW (Mashable)
  • Recession activities – reorganize your finances using clever web tools (Mashable)


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