Posted by: Nicholas Davis | March 9, 2009

Readings 9/3/09

  • Another weigh-in by Paul Keating on the handling of the GFC – this time laying into Geithner (SMH)
  • Ivory Tower Unswayed by Crashing Economy (NYTimes)
  • Myron Scholes advises that we ‘Blow Up’ Over-the-Counter contracts (Bloomberg)
  • Watching for the bottom: Consensus catching up to reality on unemployment figures (Econbrowser)
  • UK stress-test scenario (Calculated Risk)
  • Kitten chaser for stressed bankers (thanks to naked capitalism)
  • Scary talk from Tom Friedman (NYTimes) If you find this interesting, check out recent work by John L Peterson, who has been talking about this for a while now

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